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We offer top quality legal advice in selected areas. We specialize in technology projects, capital investments and public procurement.

We participate in the largest and most complex public procurement projects. As a result, KDKH is one of the leading and most experienced law firms in this field. We have an in-depth experience in handling capital investments, acquisitions and corporate affairs.

An important part of our practice is also advising companies using, developing or investing in modern technologies. We serve startups, as well as established companies and investment funds.


We have long-standing experience in advising investors and companies on capital transactions and investments.

At KDKH we advise on the optimal form and legal structure of business ventures, conduct complex due diligence, negotiate transaction documentation, and finalize key contracts in M&A transactions and restructuring projects. Our clients include strategic and financial investors. We support investment funds and companies in the process of business transition. We advise at various stages of financing rounds. We participate in domestic and cross-border transactions (in the German market, the CEE region, the Baltics and the United States). We participate in both small-scale investment rounds, as well as investments involving a wide range of domestic and foreign funds and investors. We are experienced at introducing foreign investors to the Polish market and the CEE region, including the establishment of joint ventures.

Professional legal assistance at each stage of public procurement procedure and during contract execution is one of our core capabilities.

At KDKH we advise procuring entities and entrepreneurs representing all areas of business activity where public procurement regulations apply. We have extensive experience in handling investment projects in the construction, telecommunications and media, information technology and utilities sectors.

We provide comprehensive services for complex projects, taking care of legal security at every stage, starting from the contract, through the entire execution period, ending with the resolution of disputes.

We represent our clients before common courts, administrative courts, the Supreme Court, as well as arbitration courts. We provide legal assistance at all stages of court proceedings. Our offer includes also professional support during amicable settlement of disputes.

We provide comprehensive legal services in the field of new technologies law.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we excel at interdisciplinary issues requiring knowledge of multi-level regulations in diverse areas of law. We carefully select solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. We realistically assess regulatory risks and recommend practical, proven solutions.

For many years we have been advising on the implementation of security-related regulatory requirements in financial market institutions, such as banks, insurance companies and payment operators. We advise domestic and foreign FinTech companies, including providers of solutions supporting AML, compliance, risk scoring, screening, as well as LendTech and e-commerce.

KDKH has an in-depth experience working for the largest telecom and IT companies operating in both domestic and international markets.

Our services range from regulatory advice, negotiation of commercial contracts, to support in expansion and launching of new products and services. We advise on cyber security and implementation of anti-fraud instruments. We conduct litigation – both civil and criminal, often related to new technologies, AML and white-collar crimes with great success.

We advise renowned media and entertainment companies on a day-to-day basis.

Our track record in the media business includes supporting television broadcasters and publishers of electronic media, such as Internet portals and news channels. We also support clients in traditional media segments, as well as the so-called new media. In the entertainment business, we support leaders with long-established market positions, operating in the concessioned industry segments in Poland and internationally. We have experience in handling projects of unique nature on a national and regional scale.

We advise on issues related to unfair competition and unfair market practices.

We provide opinions on our clients' business models and strategies, sales processes, market communications, as well as other issues related to their market expansion. KDKH defends clients against unfair competitors in cases of personal rights infringements. We are successful in handling disputes regarding intellectual property rights, product counterfeiting, comparative advertising and misleading of consumers.

We have a successful and long-term track record in representing clients in disputes.

Our clients rely on us in difficult disputes. We provide professional legal support in court and out-of-court proceedings (arbitration, mediation), as well as other types of legal representation. We specialize in cases related to public procurement, infrastructure, IT, telecommunications and construction sectors, as well as corporate disputes. We represent clients before the National Appeals Chamber, common courts and the Supreme Court, administrative courts (including the Supreme Administrative Court), the Constitutional Tribunal and the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg.

We advise on a wide range of intellectual property issues related to copyright and industrial property law.

At KDKH we provide comprehensive advice at the pre-litigation stage and in all phases of litigation. On behalf of our clients we regularly conduct copyright due diligence. We draft copyright contracts, with the IT, media and entertainment sectors being our particular areas of expertise.

We cooperate with entities implementing EU funds, aid providers and beneficiaries.

We verify which EU regulations apply to a given project or intended cooperation. At KDKH we provide legal advice and expert opinions regarding matters such as qualification of support as public aid, determination of the status of enterprises within the meaning of EU regulations, principles of repayment of funds and risks associated with the use of particular types of funding. We offer legal assistance at all stages of implementation of EU co-funded projects. We support clients at the stage of project implementation in the award of contracts in accordance with the principle of competitiveness and when changes in the implementation of projects are required. We support beneficiaries, as well as institutions in proceedings for the award or return of funding, in appeal, court and administrative proceedings. We advise on the acquisition of funds, their use in accordance with legal regulations and on the risks associated with the return of funds.

We advise owners, investors, financing entities, landlords and tenants.

KDKH specializes in matters related to real estate transactions and the preparation of real estate for investment purposes. We prepare legal due diligence reports, draft and negotiate general construction contracts, as well as model development agreements and quoad usum agreements. We advise in negotiating development project financing agreements and on the establishment of collateral related to project financing.

We support our clients in real estate disputes and provide support in court proceedings (e.g. for establishing a title to real estate, determining the existence/nonexistence of a legal relationship concerning real estate, the abolition of co-ownership of real estate).

This interdisciplinary area of legal services requires knowledge of many fields of law, the reality of international business and the functioning of business entities.

Our package of services includes, among others: crisis counselling and representation of clients in proceedings involving crimes of financial nature (such as grant fraud, extortion of public funds, embezzlement of entrusted assets, bribery, money laundering, mismanagement, actions to the detriment of a company, and criminal liability under public procurement law). We implement mechanisms to prevent fraud and legal risks regarding white-collar crime. We also advise entrepreneurs in the telecommunications sector on issues related to abuses in electronic communications, such as smishing and spoofing.

For years, our experts have been providing comprehensive HR advice to businesses with more than 5,000 employees in the telecommunications, construction, publishing and financial sectors, among others.

We cooperate with HR and security departments on the creation of internal regulations, such as employment contracts, work and remuneration regulations, safety procedures, employee and infrastructure monitoring.

We support employers in the execution of rights and obligations regarding recognition of workplace incidents, violations of law and internal regulations by employees, establishment and participation in anti-mobbing committees.

We prepare documentation related to termination of employment contracts – also concerning group redundancies and voluntary redundancy programs.

Our experience encompasses representing clients before common courts in Poland and other European countries (especially Sweden, Finland and Germany). The cases in which we advise relate to mobbing, accidents at work, appeals against termination of employment contracts and breaches of competition law. In addition, we represent employees and trade unions in cultural institutions.

We have extensive experience in providing services to entities from the public finance sector.

KDKH advises state and local government legal entities and other organizational units. We help draft local laws, as well as regulations and statutes. We advise on matters regarding financial management of public-funded entities, including liability for violation of public finance discipline. We provide legal assistance in control and supervisory proceedings. We represent clients in proceedings before local government appeal boards, as well as before administrative bodies and courts.

We worked for

KDKH as the content partner of FinTech Poland Ecosystem

KDKH law firm has become the content partner of the Ecosystem of FinTech Poland Foundation, an independent think tank specializing in digital finance. "For years, we have been involved in the growth of technology companies within the ever-changing legal environment. We want to support the fintech community and participate in the development of adequate and balanced regulatory solutions. In our opinion, FinTech Poland is the right place for this," says Michal Heromiński, legal counsel, partner at KDKH.

Premium Fashion Group sp. z o.o. – reactivation of the legendary Próchnik apparel brand

KDKH law firm has advised Tomasz Ciąpała, the founder of Lancerto, and his affiliated company Premium Fashion Spółka z o.o., on the reactivation of the legendary Próchnik apparel brand. Our law firm's advice included the preparation and finalization of a complex transaction to acquire the rights to the Próchnik brand.

Media about us

"Recently, we have been hearing a lot about pathologies in social networks, streaming services or among youtubers. In the ongoing discussion, some commentators seem to forget about the broad context of online creators' activities. Removing – often with difficulty – individuals or individual content that constitutes a socially unacceptable message, in practice changes nothing."

"After the garbage verdict. According to Gazeta Wyborcza, the National Appeals Chamber has ruled that the Warsaw authorities should cancel the negotiated procedure. The chairperson of the adjudicating panel argued, among others, that MPO is not capable of performing the garbage transport service on its own."

"The New Public Procurement Law is analysed in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna by Karol Kamiński, an attorney-at-law at KDKH, and Katarzyna Wyzgał, an advocate at KDKH. The authors conclude that the law of September 11, 2019. (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 2019, as amended) does not make fundamental changes to the institution of subcontracting."

"Blockchain technology is one of the fastest growing areas of the digital economy. So far, the law has not kept up with the development of new technologies, but many countries are already trying to put blockchain into a legal framework. The European Union, including Poland, needs to do so, too."

Michał Heromiński, an attorney-at-law and a partner at KDKH, has been appointed to the investment committee of PFR NCBR CVC FIZAN. This is a fund of funds created to support the commercialization of innovative technological projects in cooperation with corporations – reports Rzeczpospolita.

"Regulations have not kept up with technology. Michał Heromiński, a partner at KDKH, draws attention in today's issue of Parkiet to the topic of regulatory arbitrage and emphasizes the role of good law in increasing Poland's economic competitiveness. – In the EU, entrepreneurs using regulatory arbitration can register their business in any member state."

"3D printing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics or automation are just examples of industries that have great potential. They could become an important part of the Polish economy, but their expansion is blocked by legal barriers, among other things."

Karol Kamiński, a partner at KDKH, took part in the Rzeczpospolita debate on the new public procurement law. The discussion was an opportunity to evaluate the new legislation, pointing out its strengths, but also its shortcomings. Karol noted that many clients point to the imprecision of the regulations, the length of the proceedings and the costs involved as problems. This has a direct effect of making contractors more likely to choose bids from the private market.

"In the case of Próchnik, we are dealing with a brand that has existed for over 70 years and has become a permanent part of users' consciousness and the history of Polish economic transformation. Therefore, detailed due diligence and subsequently, responsible negotiations with the seller were key."

"We are developing competence in media and new technologies following our clients. We have advised on many projects in this area, with the number of cases and their complexity on the rise. Together with Piotr, we will continue strengthening our expertise focused on these areas - said Michał Heromiński, an attorney-at-law and a partner at KDKH."



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