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"Recently, we have been hearing a lot about pathologies in social networks, streaming services or among youtubers. In the ongoing discussion, some commentators seem to forget about the broad context of online creators' activities. Removing – often with difficulty – individuals or individual content that constitutes a socially unacceptable message, in practice changes nothing."

"After the garbage verdict. According to Gazeta Wyborcza, the National Appeals Chamber has ruled that the Warsaw authorities should cancel the negotiated procedure. The chairperson of the adjudicating panel argued, among others, that MPO is not capable of performing the garbage transport service on its own."

"The New Public Procurement Law is analysed in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna by Karol Kamiński, an attorney-at-law at KDKH, and Katarzyna Wyzgał, an advocate at KDKH. The authors conclude that the law of September 11, 2019. (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 2019, as amended) does not make fundamental changes to the institution of subcontracting."

"Blockchain technology is one of the fastest growing areas of the digital economy. So far, the law has not kept up with the development of new technologies, but many countries are already trying to put blockchain into a legal framework. The European Union, including Poland, needs to do so, too."

Michał Heromiński, an attorney-at-law and a partner at KDKH, has been appointed to the investment committee of PFR NCBR CVC FIZAN. This is a fund of funds created to support the commercialization of innovative technological projects in cooperation with corporations – reports Rzeczpospolita.

"Regulations have not kept up with technology. Michał Heromiński, a partner at KDKH, draws attention in today's issue of Parkiet to the topic of regulatory arbitrage and emphasizes the role of good law in increasing Poland's economic competitiveness. – In the EU, entrepreneurs using regulatory arbitration can register their business in any member state."

"3D printing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics or automation are just examples of industries that have great potential. They could become an important part of the Polish economy, but their expansion is blocked by legal barriers, among other things."

Karol Kamiński, a partner at KDKH, took part in the Rzeczpospolita debate on the new public procurement law. The discussion was an opportunity to evaluate the new legislation, pointing out its strengths, but also its shortcomings. Karol noted that many clients point to the imprecision of the regulations, the length of the proceedings and the costs involved as problems. This has a direct effect of making contractors more likely to choose bids from the private market.

"In the case of Próchnik, we are dealing with a brand that has existed for over 70 years and has become a permanent part of users' consciousness and the history of Polish economic transformation. Therefore, detailed due diligence and subsequently, responsible negotiations with the seller were key."

"We are developing competence in media and new technologies following our clients. We have advised on many projects in this area, with the number of cases and their complexity on the rise. Together with Piotr, we will continue strengthening our expertise focused on these areas - said Michał Heromiński, an attorney-at-law and a partner at KDKH."


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